Korea 2017 with Fujifilm XT-1

Aug. 13, 2017 by

SO, you might think why Fuji? and I’m Nikon guy… well, my very first camera was fujifilm long story short, I didn’t want to take both of my DSLRs to

My Space

Jun. 24, 2017 by

Hello everyone, I know I don’t really post much on here, but since I am going to use this blog for more than just my photography stuff… Anyways, do you

Less Is More

Feb. 18, 2017 by

Here are my 2 favorite shots from shoot I did while ago.

Nissan 370z from Canada

Dec. 3, 2016 by

Here are some of my favorite shots of this Nissan 370z.

Smoke Screen

Nov. 28, 2016 by

Friend and I went out while ago with a smoke bomb and wanted to try this, I like how it turned out. Hope I can do this more in the