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Hello everyone,

I know I don’t really post much on here, but since I am going to use this blog for more than just my photography stuff… Anyways, do you remember my room long time ago with iMac and quad / triple monitor setup? well, I no longer have that setup, and built a low budget gaming pc with some help from a good friend of mine, room still look the same just different computer, also did some cable management.

Here is what the room look like at night.

Overall room

in this picture, you are looking at 48″ Samsung 4K TV, PS4, 2 controllers, Astro A40 headset w/ mixamp and 10+ years old Bose audio on a glass top / shelf metal frame entertainment center.

This is my new toy ( not going to get into PC specs ), but what you see here are Corsair K55 RBG keyboard, M65 Pro RGB mouse, MM800 RGB Polaris pad, Asus 21″ HD 1ms monitors and HyperX cloud Stinger headset on top of the tower.

Now, here is photos of stuff you didn’t see…

you don’t see much difference, but all the wires are behind the pole that is in the middle of the entertainment center.

I manage to kind of hide the keyboard and mouse pad cables, so its not all over the place.

annnnnd here is under the desk, the way this room is designed, I just can’t do much about the internet cable 🙁

Oh, I still have iMac in the other room, planning on getting a new desk for my gaming PC, use the old one with iMac like you saw while ago, and these were taken with Nikon D810 w/ 16-28mm.

That is everything for today’s post, hope you like it, and see you guys next time!

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